How does the RockPit Brewing Rewards program work?

For every dollar you spend, you get 100 points. 100 points = 7 cents in rewards value.

For instance, if you spend $50, you earn 5000 points. 5000 points = $3.50 in rewards value.

Here’s a quick reference table for you.

Number Of PointsValueExample Reward
5714$4Happy Hour Pint of our core beers (SoDo Blondin’, BlackStrap Con Leche, Cackler IPA, Miner’s Light)
7857$5.50Regular Miner’s Light Pint, 12 oz SoDo Blondin’
9286$6.50SoDo Blondin’ pint, Cackler IPA pint, Blackstrap Con Leche pint
10714$7.50Most of our upper echelon New England IPAs and sours.
11429$8Our most premium, exclusive beers we have on tap and some of our cocktails made with in-house-crafted spirits.

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